Abraham (Team Member / Author)

abe head shot 3

Name: Abraham

Role: EAF Author

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona)
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Materials Science Engineering

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Work Experience

Photopass Photographer-Walt Disney Company

Hobbies Outside EAF:

Hiking, Playing music, Working out, Reading, Traveling, Drinking wine and beer, Watching terrible action movies


A Little About Me:

I started at Cal Poly Pomona in 2009 as a computer engineering major…for about 30 minutes. One read-through their core classes and I decided it was simply not for me. My high school physics teacher had always encouraged me to do mechanical engineering even though I never really understood what mechanical engineers actually did. But wanting the approval that I never got from my parents I decided to give mechanical engineering a shot. Take that mom and dad!

Flash forward 6 years of blood and tears, I was awarded a B.S. in mechanical engineering with a minor in material science engineering in 2015. I learned a lot from my professors and a lot on my own as well. Thankfully I did not end college thinking I wasted my time learning something that I would never use again in my life. In fact, the skills I learned as an undergraduate in mechanical engineering are the most applicable and practical skills I have ever learned. I’m definitely coming back for a more advanced engineering degree in the near future.

I am a people person when I want to be but an introvert at heart. I’m an avid music nerd and recent book enthusiast so if you have any suggestions please send them my way. I’m not a goal oriented person, I’m more system oriented. My system is to learn as many skills as I can and continue looking for interesting and exciting opportunities that use any combination of these skills. So if there is ever a need for singer-guitarist-photographer-engineer, then I am your man!

My goal as an author and team member of EAF is to bring some innovative ideas to the website that make engineering more accessible and fun. My areas of interest are machine design and material science so I’m hoping to write about some interesting articles related to those topics among others! Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me. Lets go grab a beer!