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Note: EAF has taken an indefinite hiatus, beginning December 2015.  Please feel free to continue to contact us and we will respond as soon as able!

Engineering A Future (EAF) is all about interfacing with the community and our readers!  We love to hear from you and greatly encourage everybody and anybody to drop us a line.  If you would like to contact Engineering A Future with something specific, general inquiries, or even just to say Hi, please fill out the contact form below.  We are always happy to receive messages about any of the following:

  • General questions about the STEM fields or certain theories or how to apply your knowledge
  • What kind of jobs and career paths are available within the STEM fields
  • Where we believe the future of STEM is headed
  • External resources for those interested in STEM
  • Our favorite things about the STEM fields
  • Advertising/affiliate opportunities with EAF
  • Professional networking with EAF or any of its members
  • EAF contributing to magazines, conferences, talks, etc.
  • Guest writing opportunities with EAF
  • Anything else you might want to ask about or comment on!

If you are attempting to contact one individual member of EAF specifically, please indicate the intended recipient’s name in the provided space in the form below.  If you do fill in a specific team member’s name, we’ll be sure that they get your message and respond to it in a timely manner; otherwise, don’t worry about filling in the intended recipient entry space and EAF will get back to you as soon as we are able!

If you are attempting to contact EAF about the possibility of writing a guest post, please visit the EAF Posts Calendar page located under the About heading in the top menu.  Once there, please read through the “Information for Prospective Guest Writers” disclaimer immediately below the calendar, then proceed to fill out the EAF Guest Post Request Form.  Lastly, please click the check mark box indicating that you read the information above the form and understand the process we use to select guest posts and then click the big orange submit button!

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