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Good afternoon, we hope everyone is enjoying their weekends & want to send our best wishes to those effected by the attacks in Paris yesterday.  We will be publishing a special post on Monday regarding the attacks & showing our support for the people of Paris, their families, & the global community at large affected by these horrendous assaults.  We are all in this together.

On a side note, beginning on Monday, EAF will be restructuring our posting schedule from 3 posts/week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) down to 2 posts/week (Monday, Friday).  This change has been expected for a while now, owing to a combination of things.  All of us here at EAF are extremely busy outside of EAF, as I personally become more busy with grad school, and Abraham, Ketton, and Andrew are all taking on new responsibilities with respect to work (either new work projects, or brand new jobs).  On top of this, one of our writers (Andrew) has elected to not renew his post contract on account of a very busy schedule with his exciting new job.

The restructure will mean that Monday posts will continue to be blog posts, although now instead of always being provided by myself, they will be provided from all of the writers (rather than Monday being my post day & Wednesday the other writers’ post day, as before).  Wednesdays will no longer serve as dedicated post days.  Fridays will continue to be Picture Post days, provided by myself.  Guest post timeslots will be available periodically on Mondays (please consult the EAF Posts Calendar, which will be a work in progress the next few days as it is updated, for the specific timeslots available).  If these Guest Post timeslots are not sufficient (if we begin to receive a high volume of Guest Post requests down the line), potential Guest Writers will be able to contact us about scheduling a Wednesday post.

We will send out another update sometime next week once the EAF Posts Calendar has been updated.  Stay safe out there & we cannot voice our support of those affected by the attacks in Paris enough.

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