Veterans Day 2015

Veterans Day 2015

Veterans Day 2015
Veterans Day 2015. Photo Credit:

Today is Veterans Day 2015 & so we will be forgoing our usual post for today in exchange for a simple thank you to all of the veterans who have given so much for this great country.  These men and women have continuously put theirs lives on the line so that people like us (whom they may never meet) can continue to live in safety & enjoy the freedoms guaranteed to us by this nation.  It is important to restate that last point: our freedoms are not free.  We all owe more than we can ever fully understand to the members of our armed forces & it is all but impossible to issue a thank you of significant enough magnitude to our veterans.  Our veterans.  Please, if you take nothing else from this post, please remember that these are our veterans.  They have fought for our country, to protect our freedoms, so that we may sleep peacefully at night in our beds.  It is our duty to let them know just how much we appreciate their sacrifices, which can never be forgotten.  Far too many never came home or never fully came home.

In this country, there is a growing disconnect between those who serve & those who do not.  There was a time when I could have simply suggested that everyone who reads this take today to thank a veteran, but a growing number of people out there simply do not know any veterans because of the widening gap between warrior & civilian.  If you find yourself in this type of situation, then please consider finding another way to show your thanks to a veteran.  Perhaps do what you can to donate to a charity for veterans through the US Department of Veterans Affairs or use the guide in this link to find a charity that you would like to donate to.

For those that do not fully understand why it is that our veterans served or who believe that because they do not support war they should not support our troops & veterans, I will call upon GK Chesterson’s wise words:

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

Our men and women in uniform (past, present, & future) do what they do because of an intense love for this country, its people, and for their brothers & sisters in arms who fight beside them.  Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Brad Cavner who died in an unfortunate training accident in June 2014, 10 years into his SEAL career (during which he served in both Iraq & Afghanistan), has often been quoted as offering up this sentiment:

“To those before us, to those amongst us, to those we will see on the other side. Lord let me not prove unworthy of my brothers.”

Powerful words from a hero among men.  Our warriors fight not for themselves, but for those around them & those behind them.  Please take time out of your day today to find some way to thank a veteran.  To all of those veterans out there today, as well as those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, EAF thanks you for your service.  We are eternally grateful to you and your families.

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